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What We Teach
At ASKJ we teach a customized system of martial arts techniques known as the 5 Circle System. The 5 Circle System is an integration of techniques from numerous martial arts, including Taekwondo, Karate, Judo, and Jiu-Jitsu. Classes are grouped by age and rank, and students learn in the traditional group setting. 

Achievement at ASKJ is not measured in championships or trophies. Instead, achievement is measured in terms of accomplishing personal goals, conquering fear, and achieving personal excellence. Each belt testing is followed by a banquet for the students who tested, which provides an opportunity to celebrate the students' accomplishments both on and off the floor. Grandmaster Byrne takes great pride in the efforts and achievements of his students, not simply within the martial arts arena but also in their personal lives. He and the staff at ASKJ are wholly dedicated to teaching not simply the martial arts, but the tenets of personal excellence as well.

Taekwondo Student Oath
I shall observe the Tenets of Taekwondo.
I shall respect my instructors and seniors.
I shall never misuse Taekwondo.
I will be a champion of peace and justice.
I will build a more peaceful world.

Tenets of Taekwondo
Students should be courteous both inside and outside the Do-Chang. They should try to develop a spirit of mutual cooperation and justice. Students should have respect for those senior to them in age and rank.

Integrity implies that one must be able to define right from wrong and do what is right. He must not misrepresent himself or his skills. A student who has integrity does not gain rank for ego purposes or for the feeling of power, but rather for personal growth and improvement of technique.

There is an old Oriental saying, "Patience leads to virtue or merit." To achieve something, whether it is a high degree or the perfection of a technique, one must set his goal, then constantly persevere. One of the most important secrets in becoming a leader is to overcome every difficulty with perseverance.

Self Control
This Tenet, as are all the others, is important both inside and outside the Do-Chang. Whether one is free sparring or conducting his personal affairs, one must exercise self-control and respect the rights and welfare of others.

Indomitable Spirit
Indomitable spirit is shown when a courageous person and his principles are pitted against overwhelming odds. When a student is confronted with an injustice, he should deal with it without fear or hesitation.

Grandmaster John Byrne began his training at age 6 in his hometown of Philadelphia and earned his first black belt at age 15. He, and his identical twin brother, Grandmaster Edward Byrne, 10th degree black belt, practiced the martial arts together. GM Byrne and his brother were inseparable and earned numerous World Records in board breaking competitions across the country.

After a stint in the United States Air Force, GM John Byrne began teaching martial arts at the Miller Park YMCA in 1968. His curriculum vitae includes articles and brochures on the art of self-defense and property protection. Many of the publications were printed in various martial arts magazines.                                                                                   

GM Ed Byrne

GM John Byrne and Ed Byrne founded ASKJ and incorporated numerous martial arts into one inclusive art known as the 5 Circle System. When GM Ed Byrne died in 1989, GM John Byrne continued their goal to operate the best martial arts school in the Midwest.

GM John Byrne, a 9th degree black belt, holds degrees in numerous martial arts. He has achieved grand champion status in Karate, TKD, and Judo. Over the years he has earned many awards, including "Grandmaster of the Year", "Grandmaster Instructor of the Year", and "Lifetime Achievement Award". However, Grandmaster Byrne is proudest that ASKJ has been recognized as "School of the Year" on numerous occasions, including 2019 when ASKJ received the National Martial Arts School Award from the World Head of Family Sokeship Council (WHFSC).

2023 WHFSC Martial Arts Hall of Fame Awardees

Grandmaster's Motto: Each individual has his or her own unique fingerprint. Each student must learn to use his or her particular physical, mental, and emotional qualities. Only in this way can students better serve others as well as themselves. 

ASKJ National Headquarters 3203 N. 204th Street Elkhorn, NE 68022 Owner: Valerie & Jon Trizila Phone: (402) 493-0279

ASKJ on Industrial 13803 Industrial Road Omaha, NE 68137

Owner: Bryan Hilson Phone: (402) 968-6778 Website
A.V. Sorensen Community Center 4808 Cass St Omaha, NE 68132 Instructor: Mark Wilder Phone: (402) 516-5912

6:00-7:00: Junior Beg (white-orange) 7:00-8:00: Junior Adv (green-black) and Adults

$40/8 week session
Montclair Community Center 2304 S 135th Ave Omaha, NE 68144 Instructor: Gina Petersen Phone: (402) 676-2276

6:15-7:00: Junior white belts 7:00-8:00: Junior yellow-black belts
8:00-9:00: Adults all ranks

$35/8 week session